Krishna Life

A Sublime Life with Lord Krishna in Center
Get Set to lead a life filled with meaning, joy, love and the sheer privilege of associating with Lord Krishna.

Self Development

Learn to manage & develop your inner self.

Indic Tattva

Explore the Wisdom & Science of the Vedas


Get trained in artistic cultural practices.

Krishna Life is an initiative of ISKCON Bangalore. ISKCON is a worldwide organization, that has impacted millions of lives over the past 6 decades. It is more than a temple. It is a spiritual oasis for the souls seeking elucidation for life’s puzzling questions. Through Krishna Life, we want to extend this opportunity in your very community, bringing spirituality closer to your home.


Sharpen your Intellect

Why read the Gita?

10 Min Read

What is hidden in this unassuming book? What secrets of life will unfold by reading this ancient literature? Learn more about the Gita.

What is Perfect Perfection?

12 Min Read

A Man who doesn’t hunt for perfection doesn’t exist. But have you ever wondered what is the pinnacle of perfection? Learn here.

Power of a Harnessed Mind

10 min read

The Bhagavad Gita says – The Mind is the best of friends as well as the worst among enemies. Learn how to harness its power here.

Get in Touch

Visit our exclusive Courses Page to learn about the multitude of modules you can enrol in. Some of the courses are self-help, while some are periodically organized live. Our team of experts is ready to help you.

Why Krishna Life?

Life with Krishna is Beautiful. Krishna is not just a historical figure, but is the root of all existence. He has designed an exquisite format of living in the Bhagavad Gita. When we weave our life according to His directions, we start relishing the Ananda, the bliss that is inherent in every one of us. Krishna Life is a Life Design meant to keep us in perfect harmony with nature, cosmos and the reality that permeates us.


What do we do at Krishna Life?

Krishna Katha

Listening to the teachings & lifesketch of Lord Krishna will empower us spiritually. Tune into deep discourses at our KL center.

Sacred Yatras

Explore the divine locations where the Supreme Lord performed His earthly activities. Visit these Dhamas with us.


Singing the names of Lord Krishna in a melodious raga is soothing to the soul. Do not miss this magical extravaganza.

Celebrate Utsavas

Make life a festival. Celebrate the Indian culture in a unique gala. You will feel exhilirated by just being there.


Association with like minded friends will enhance your spiritual quest. Meet people from various walks of life at Satsangs.

Prasadam Feast

Something for the tongue. Relish tasty Sattvik food that has been sanctified by the touch of Lord Krishna.


How do I get involved?

Located Across Communities

We are present in over a dozen communities in Bangalore. Find out the one nearest to you.

Take a Course

Browse through the courses here.

Speak to our KL Mentor

Contact us here. We will get in touch with you.

Community Spaces

Visit our community spaces here. Get in touch with the vibrant spiritual communities and their projects.

About US

Our Story

In a life full of commitments, seldom do we find time for ourselves. When we talked to professionals who are at the acme of their career, we discovered that they lack inner peace and satisfaction. That’s when we brought together a team that wants to genuinely help this segment of the society, equipped with a strong edifice built by Vedic recommendations for a holistic living.






What Our Members Say

I have found a sort of redemption from my usual line of thought and have been able to delve deeper into the secrets of life. Thanks to Krishna Life for opening new doors of reality to me.  

Kshitij Rishi

Co-founder & COO, 4basecare

I have been a part of Bhakti Yoga Course for past 6 Months . It has now become an important part of our everyday life. This course definitely provided amazing and impactful information


Manager, Knowledge Management Solutions, LinkedIn

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Get in touch with our team

Get all set to enrich your living. Contact our team to locate the closest Krishna Life Wing near you. Those of you who want to learn from home, there are a plenty of Self-Help courses to choose from. Let’s begin a sublime journey.

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